Tribal Government Consulting

Tribal Government Consulting

Professional, Experienced, Tribal Government Consultants

Working with tribes throughout the U.S., Veriti Consulting offers specialized tribal government consulting utilizing our in-depth knowledge of fiscal management and forensic investigation skills.

Our team provides various services to tribal governments, including:

  • Assessment of financial and operational vulnerability
  • Confidential internal controls assessments to prevent or detect fraud
  • Development of operational policies and procedures

Representative Engagements for Tribal Governments

  • Valuation of casinos and gaming operations – We have prepared business valuations for various gaming assets, including licenses, casinos, and card rooms.
  • Forensic accounting – Veriti professionals have conducted analysis of potential employee theft for tribal retail operations.
  • MICS/TICS review – We have provided in-depth review of internal controls, MICS/TICS analysis and recommendation plan for casinos.
  • Fraud investigation – Veriti professionals have investigated casino management’s alleged illegal activities and breaches of fiduciary duty to the tribe’s governing council.
  • Safeguarding assets – We have assisted casinos and tribal governments with identifying areas of operations that are vulnerable to fraud.
  • Embezzlement by CEO – Veriti Consulting has performed fraud investigations of casino management resulting in revocation of gaming license.
  • Investment opportunity analysis – We provide financial modeling, scenario analysis, and rate of return projection for tribal investment opportunities.
  • Taxing authority investigation – We have performed investigations into questionable activities by management of tribal government taxing authority.
  • Business failure analysis – Veriti professionals analyzed various tribal retail operations to determine cause of business failure, including the discovery of employee theft.
  • Food & beverage inventory theft –As a result of Veriti’s forensic analysis, it was discovered poor financial results in a casino’s food and beverage department were caused by the department manager’s personal unauthorized catering business.
  • Construction kickbacks – We have investigated tribal government alleged construction kickbacks.
  • Gaming compact analysis – Our professionals prepared an exhaustive analysis of almost every gaming compact in the U.S. to determine the value drivers of a gaming compact to a tribe.
  • General business consulting – We can provide a broad range of general business consulting services to casinos and tribal governments.

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