Receivership Services

Safeguarding of assets and maximizing value.

As a result of the economic decline, Veriti Consulting has been a court appointed receiver, bankruptcy examiner and special master for distressed or unstable business conditions. Representative engagements include:

  • Served as the court-appointed receiver for oversight of operating and financially troubled companies.
  • Appointed by the court to oversee the sale of assets for liquidation matters.
  • Selected by the Arizona State Board of Education as receiver for several financially troubled school districts.
  • Appointed by bankruptcy court as Examiner to analyze debtor reported assets, income and entities, search for hidden assets, income, and possible fraudulent transfers.

The professionals at Veriti have the experience and knowledge to manage and turn around financially troubled entities, ensuring the continuity of operations, safeguarding of assets, and oversight of financial and personnel matters.  Our court ordered receivership services experience has proved invaluable to the owners of companies involved in litigation to ensure the preservation of their investment until the disputed matters are resolved. When serving as a special master, our professionals assist with determining a fair and equitable resolution of disputed financial matters.  Our background as CPAs, forensic accountants and business appraisers all work to enhance the quality of services rendered for court ordered receivership, examiner and special master cases.

School District Receivership

Veriti Consulting investigated suspicious transactions, negotiated the sale of district buildings to a tribal entity, settled large outstanding debts, and provided financial stability for a school district deemed insolvent and placed into court ordered receivership due to alleged mismanagement.

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