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Life Insurance Policy Valuation

Life Insurance Policy Valuation

Fair Market Valuations for Life Insurance Policies

Veriti Consulting has prepared hundreds of policy valuations for taxable events and financial statement reporting purposes. We are one of few firms in the U.S. possessing this specialized knowledge.

Reports are prepared by qualified appraisers as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.  Veriti’s life insurance policy valuation reports are prepared by CPAs who hold every significant credentials in the life insurance valuation field.  Our life insurance policy valuation reports take into consideration the following factors:

  • Type of policy
  • Life settlement studies
  • Face value of policy
  • Specific policy analysis
  • Current policy values and rates
  • Analysis of relevant discount studies
  • Past and future premium payments
  • IRS regulations and procedures
  • Insured’s age and health factors
  • Insured’s life expectancy

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