Veriti Consulting has assembled one of the most credentialed teams of fraud and forensic investigators in the U.S. Following are representative engagements our team has completed for clients throughout the U.S.

Business Fraud & Forensics

  • Ponzi scheme – Fraudulent activities resulting from an alleged lack of compliance by a financial institution.
  • Off-shore account tracing – Court-appointed investigator to determine alleged hidden assets, off-shore accounts, and money laundering by sophisticated entrepreneur.
  • Theft of assets – Misappropriation of business assets and employee theft involving an internet-based marketing company.
  • Embezzlement – Financial scheme perpetrated by an executive of a non-profit entity.
  • Falsified documents – Financial Crime Investigation of falsified and fabricated expense reports by ceo of an investment company.
  • Missing funds – Alleged breach of fiduciary duties by collections agent for a homeowners association.
  • Misappropriation of assets – Theft of assets and falsification of loan documents by employees of an automobile dealership.
  • Compliance violations – Investigation of alleged accounting irregularities and violations of compliance covenants related to renewal of operating license issued by a state agency.
  • Missing deposits – Calculation of alleged missing deposits and other funds by the owner of a restaurant chain.
  • Accounting irregularities – Analysis and reporting of accounting irregularities for a governmental entity.
  • Commingled assets – Analysis of funds commingled between business entities and owners.
  • Internal control review – Documentation of inadequate internal controls and recommendations to management for safeguarding of assets.

Criminal Fraud

  • Money laundering – Bilingual translation and documentation related to tax fraud and international money laundering scheme involving charitable religious organizations.
  • Ponzi scheme – Investors bilked out of more than $40 million through fraudulent investment operation using shills.
  • Restitution analysis – Court-ordered determination of restitution for employee and fiduciary embezzlement.
  • Corporate fraud – Investigation of embezzlement and misappropriation of assets by corporate executive.

Elder Abuse Forensics

  • Unethical trustee activities – Alleged misappropriation of elder adult’s assets, including investments, real estate, jewelry, and artwork.
  • Asset conversion – Embezzlement of senior generation’s assets used by children to acquire real estate and personal property.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty – Collaboration between family members and financial advisors to pilfer assets from the estate of an incapacitated elder adult.
  • Abuse of trust – Alleged misrepresentation related to the use of loaned funds from an incapacitated elder adult.
  • Court-appointed expert – Analysis regarding restitution for the embezzlement of funds from an elderly parent.
  • Unauthorized gifting – Determination of validity of incapacitated senior generation’s gifts to children and grandchildren.

Divorce Forensics

  • Wasting of marital assets – Scrutinize community property expenditures and spouse’s activities that resulted in marital asset waste.
  • International asset search – International search for community property for high net worth professional utilizing creative tax planning.
  • Hidden asset search – Identification of hidden marital assets resulting from collaboration between divorcing spouse and stock broker.
  • Fair division of assets – Undervaluation of marital assets and calculation of fair division of marital assets and spousal maintenance utilizing various scenarios.
  • Reasonable compensation analysis – Determination and expert testimony regarding fair and reasonable compensation for divorce proceedings.
  • Asset segregation – Segregation and analysis of marital assets for community property dissolution.

Government Agency Investigations

  • Receivership – Receiver for insolvent and grossly mismanaged public school district.
  • Fraud examiner – Investigation of matters related to administrative irregularities and lack of internal controls for state agency.
  • Court-appointed bankruptcy examiner – Comprehensive examination and disclosure of debtor’s assets, including off-shore trusts, real estate transactions, business interests, and calculation of income.
  • Receivership – Receiver by consent order for public school district located on indian reservation that overspent its budget by 100 percent in one year.
  • Financial investigator – Investigation of solvency and operational analysis for entities holding state horse meet racing permits.
  • Mortgage fraud investigator – State-appointed experts to investigate mortgage fraud.

Casino & Tribal Fraud and Forensics

  • Investment opportunity analysis – Financial modeling, scenario analysis, and rate of return projection for tribal investment opportunities.
  • Taxing authority investigation – Investigation into questionable activities by management of tribal government taxing authority.
  • MICS/TICS review – Internal control and MICS/TICS analysis and recommendation plan for casino.
  • Business failure analysis – Tribal retail operation investment analysis and causation of business failure.
  • Food & beverage inventory theft – financial investigation of food and beverage department of casino related to unauthorized catering operation by management.
  • Embezzlement by CEO – Fraud investigation of casino management resulting in revocation of gaming license.
  • Construction kickbacks – Tribal government investigation of alleged construction kickbacks.
  • Gaming compact analysis – Investigation of value components of gaming compacts for litigation purposes.

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