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Forensic Accountants Serve as Expert Witnesses

The forensic accountant’s role as an expert witness in a trial is to provide crucial financial evidence in a particular case. With their testimony, these specialists shed light on a specific part of the case. However, forensic accountants also need certain qualifications in order to be eligible as an expert witness.

The testimony of accounting experts in court cases can be the deciding factor in criminal and civil penalties. This is because the authority of the evidence presented by an expert witness would more than likely strengthen the case of the specific party they represent.

5 Types of Expert Witnesses

Forensic accountants are not the only specialists commonly used in courtroom situations for their expert opinion. In other kinds of court cases, other professionals who are considered authorities in their respective fields are also called upon to testify. Below are some of the most common expert witnesses employed in court cases:

  1. Psychologists are called to testify in criminal cases regarding the psyche of a person, including motivations and behavior as well as other evidence related to psychology. They usually present psychological findings in order to affirm or deny the veracity of a person’s actions.
  2. Physicians are another type of expert witness that can testify in medical malpractices and other health related lawsuits. Aside from the civil court, physicians may also lend their knowledge on criminal cases by providing information on medical issues involving either the victim or culprit, including delivering their testimony in layman’s terms.
  3. Engineers can also be used in court as expert witnesses when it comes to failed structures or components of a building that may have caused harm or injury to people or property. This field also involves finding the specific cause and procedure that may have led to the failure or accident.
  4. Employment consultants on the other hand, advise on employment related matters in both courts and tribunals. These include but are not limited to the earning capacity, market analysis, and wages or salary of a defendant. Experts on employment consultancy are typically utilized in cases involving personal injury litigation.
  5. Accountants typically testify in the form of an opinion regarding financial facts presented or involved in the case. He or she may use an assortment of accounting records, financial statements, and other related documents as support for his or her given statement.

Why Expert Testimony is Important

Expert testimony is vital because it helps to better describe the facts pertinent to the case. However, testimony may only be deemed relevant provided it meets a number of criteria including whether the method has been tested, if the method or technique has been reviewed by peers, whether or not the method is accepted in the field, and if there is only a marginal rate of error.

The admissibility of expert testimony has already been accepted in various courts and countries because it assists in determining whether a fact represented by a particular party in the litigation holds true.

Our forensic accounting expert witness services have been used in court rooms across the country and we are one of the leading companies offering this service. For more information on Veriti Consulting’s forensic accounting expert witness services, contact us at 877.520.1280 or email us at

Our forensic accounting expert witness services have been used in court rooms across the country.